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Thanks heaps Nicola Cavalazzi for this brief documentary!


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New videoclip 

For our track "effe zitte" from the album Dierendag (Shhpuma / Clean Feed) released on October 3rd 2018

Download here:
Purchase CD here:

Videoconcept, film & edit: Alek Riquelme

Major thanks to Alek and thanks to Volkshotel Amsterdam for providing the location

Greetings, KP 



"They are still a very rackety band, when something can be banged or clattered, it is. We still get their trademark gobbets of noise; the beat on opener ‘Effe Zitte’ doing a fine impression of Art of Noise. When the temperature drops we start to uncover new elements to the sound, which really give Dierendag a 20-20 vision. ‘Fifteen Again’, for example, is a splendid mantra, the sticky dub pustulous and seething with unuttered thoughts. Then there is the title track, which starts almost as Ye ‘Floyd in their post-Barrett mourning phase. Until the pots and pans start up again, that is. ‘Effe Ligge’ is the key cut, the lovely sliding effects and plinky plonky key sounds lending an almost Baroque air to the piece." (Review of Dierendag on by Richard Foster)


"On 'Dierendag', which appropriately got presented on October 3rd, they show how versatile they are. They jump back and forth between staggered rhythms that always fall into place despite their crookedness. Jäger provides fully-forward steaming guitar chords with powerful strokes and extra fuel. Then they effectively slow down by just following each other. But they can also create space by weaving softly reverberant chords and tones of the guitar around synthesizers, while Jäger lays clear taps that emerge from a solid basic rhythm. In Knalpot-land the music may go any direction. It is amazing how much variation they create in their music. Sometimes they sound like a unit that makes the electronic dance-floor unsafe with its sounds, then they fly ahead in steaming rock, and then get the hiccups in tandem. The energy seems inexhaustible." (GonzoCircus, Rene van Peer)


"There are still very few bands that balance so skillfully on the soft rope between art and kitsch as Knalpot (...). They still mess with elements that are usually associated with 'wrong stuff', but they do so in such an original way that even behind the most boneless moments you see an inventive collective that is in extraordinary control over 
instruments and effects" Guy Peters,



Hurray new album “Dierendag” coming up! Released by Shhpuma on 3rd of october (online and physical).
Release concerts:
3 october Bimhuis, Amsterdam, supported by Sannety, Meeus van Dis, DJ Diergarden
4 october Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam, supported by Sannety, Meeus van Dis, DJ Diergarden
25 october Queerograd Festival – an Interpenetration Collaboration, Graz, Austria
26 october Wilhelmsbar (in Wilhelmsburg), Ulm, Germany
27 october Loch, Wuppertal, Germany, double bill with Happy Horsemen


New photo by Raoul Jose Hilbink


New Knalpot music video in the making! Thanks to filmmaker Alek Riquelme, maker of the the music documentary DO IT TOGETHER.


Knalpot office is on! we are booking an album release EU tour! Tour period is 17th - 28th October 2018. where do you want us to play? get in touch


New album "Dierendag" will be coming out in september 2018 on Shhpuma. Stay posted for updates. 


2018-01-25 21:00

New concert coming up this month at the OCCII, there will be sets of PolyBand and Raphael's solo act before. We'll present a whole new set that will be released on record in the course of this year. See you on thursday 25th of january 2018! 

More info



We're very much looking forward to play an improvised set at the upcoming Stranger Than Paranoia Festival at the Paradox Tilburg at the end of the month 29th of december. For the first time KNALPOT will be playing with our friend and hero Jozef Dumoulin (on rhodes and electronics). Also on the bill that night is the great jazz trio Labtrio from Belgium and Myles Sanko & band. We hope you can make it.



Come see us at our concerts this month, this is your chance. Afterwards we take a break to concentrate on other projects. The support of these concerts (except the swiss and french ones) will be played by singer and electronic music artist Perrine Bailleux aka Perrine en Morceaux from Paris.


A long collaboration with filmmakers Daniel Bruce & Tara Gautam paid off. Thanks a lot also to Revolver Media, TAX music video fund and editor Rigel Kilston for the support. "Plainly Fantastic" (VICE magazine)



KNALPOT appears in the music documentary DO IT TOGETHER of our friend Alek Riquelme. Happy and proud to be part of it. 


State X new forms Festival was awesome! Thanks a lot to Paard van Troje and Haags Pop Centrum. Picture by Jacqueline Reboir. 


Thanks a million to all the people who contributed to our YES PLEASE album release EU tour, especially to the promoters and audiences. Extra BIG UP to our musical supporters Marco di Gasbarro for his advanced drum solo prior our concerts in Italy and lovely DJ Asthma Attack who framed our set with the most adventurous mixes ever. We had a great time and we hope to see you all soon again. 

Raphael, Sandor & Gerri

foto by Maša Gojić, Dub Lab Channel Zero Ljubljana

2014-09-22 13:34

  • Our tour schedule is complete
  • 2014-09-18, Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 2014-09-24, Bruno, Trento, Italy
  • 2014-09-25, Clan Destino, Faenza, Italy
  • 2014-09-26, 30 formiche, Rome, Italy
  • 2014-09-27, Villanpack, Pisa, Italy
  • 2014-09-28, PMK, Innsbruck, Austria
  • 2014-09-29, Channel zero, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2014-09-30, Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2014-10-01, Wakuum, Graz, Austria, Interpretation Concert Series
  • 2014-10-02, Das Werk, Vienna, Austria
  • 2014-10-03, Bratislava, Slovakia, Waves Festival
  • 2014-10-04, Kultcaff, Siegen, Germany


YES PLEASE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY AT THE PARADISO AMSTERDAM - friday 27th of june 2014, 9.30pm - 3am, €6.50.

For full line-up of bands and DJ click


our new album YES PLEASE is out! To listen & download go to bandcamp or order vinyl via our label Eat Concrete. Thanks to everyone that supportet us and contributed time, money and energy in order to make this album as it is. We are very happy about it.


Here's a full version of our KNALPOT song 'Ton 1' from our album 'yes please' to be released june 4th on Eat Concrete, release party at Paradiso Amsterdam on june 27th. 



Our new album will be released on Eat Concrete Records on the 4th of june 2014. The live release show will take place on the 27th of june at the Paradiso Amsterdam. For snippets of the album click here and watch the home made album teaser:


Soon we will premier our new collaboration with Ensemble Klang called Maximal Music. We composed new music for this line-up and are quite excited. Visuals made by Martha Colburn & light design by Meeus van Dis. Hope you all can come to one of the shows!


10 april, Korzo Theater, Den Haag

11 april, Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam

25 april, De Doelen, Rotterdam

07 may, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven

10 may, RUMOR festival, Utrecht





We are happy to announce that our debut album "yes please" will be released by one of our favourite record labels EAT CONCRETE (distribution by Rushhour). The official release date is the 4th of June 2014. 


New live video online: our song Cadeautjes from our forthcoming album! live at WORM Rotterdam during IFFR 2013. Glitch visuals by Rosa Menkman and Alexandra Gorczynski. Filmed by Roman Zotter, sound mixed by Sandor Caron.


It was a big pleasure to play our DUB experiment at the Steim Winter Party. Thanks a lot to glitch visual friend Rosa Menkman, our dub master Carlos Dalla Fiore, the enthusiastic audience and the Steim organisation & crew. Picture by Sergio.



This week friday 29nov, 20:30 we play an intimate show at Gallerie Gabriel Rolt during the Amsterdam Art Weekend. There's an exhibition 'Why patterns?' by visual artist Bas Geerts.


Excited to play in Russia this week friday and saturday being part of the Night Of The Unexpected Festival at Platforma in Moscow!

2013-10-12 21:00

next week friday october 12th: Squartet, Perrine en morceaux, doktor schnitt and Knalpot at GERTJE FESTIVAL #13, Landbouwbelang Maastricht, 9pm, door: 3€!!! 


Eat Concrete our label of our debut EP just released the compilation 'Benefit For The Psycho In-Active' feat. one of our tracks plus Aardvarck plus Icarus & many more. 100 Posters (A2 format) Digital release (mp3/flac).
Limited FREE mp3 available from their website!


YES! we finished the mixes of the new Knalpot release, our first full length album! big up's to our Sandor Caron and partners in crime Bas Melis & Carlos Dalla-Fiore of Studio De Zwarte Molen and Ranjit Prasad & Roli Mosimann of Saraswati Studios.


upcoming concert in Amsterdam this friday 6th of september at the BIMHUIS: TUMULT extravaganza season opening mini-festival!


NICE: new concerts in Chemnitz (D), Maastricht (NL), Moscow (RU) and Amsterdam (NL) confirmed. go to agenda for more info.


Thanks Match & Fuse (Eirik, David, Davide a.o.) for a great festival!

2013-06-14 21:00

concert confirmed: Match & Fuse Festival, Olso 14th of June 2013

nice line-up as well: looking forward!


encore of the last concert of our tour last week with bjork's drummer Manu Delago and her choir Graduale Nobili at Manu's Collaborations Festival at Kings Place in London. A great final of a very nice tour. big thanks to the organizers Richard & Ian, PJ, Full Spectrum Bookings, Harm, Max, Constantin, Jean and Manu for making it happen and big up's to the audience for the hearty support!


change of venue:

concert in brugge (B) tonight 4th of april at:

oude die keure, oude gentweg 108


jiiilllzexcited to tour again! starting with a Kinky Star RADIO SHOW in Gent, we'll play concerts at cafe video, Gent (B) on the 3rd of april, at Donkey Atelier (Klooster, Ezelstraat 68) in Brugge (B) on the 4th, another radio podcast at Resonance 104.4fm London (UK) on saturday the 6th of april and in the evening we'll perform together with Björk's Manu Delago and the Islandic female choir Graduale Nobili at Kings Place in London (UK).


2013-03-15 21:00

We are going to throw a party. For the people: everyone is welcome!

family-friends-fans party 

15th of march 2013
valreep dierenasyl

polderweg 620

10pm to 4am
free entry

the line-up consists of all the DJ's that ever went on tour with us and our favorite light designer and visual artist:

rosa menkman (visuals)
dia ray (light)
poesco (sound)
DJ pete concrete (eat concrete)
DJ asthma attack
DJ juha (viral radio)
DJ Cinnaman (colors)
DJ Aardvarck (spirit)
KNALPOT (live)


2013-02-20 20:29

our friend Roman Zotter made this video to our song Stolpernova from our Serious Outtakes EP when he was in Korea last year. Thank you Roman!

Stolpernova is also the name of the new project of Raphael with Gerri on drums, Hilary Jeffery on trombone, Franz Hautzinger on trumpet and Omar Ka on guitar and vocals fusing stumble grooves, scapes and african songs.


20th February
Theater Bouwkunde Deventer

22th February
Rasa Utrecht

23th February
De X Leiden

24th February
Korzo Theater Den Haag
matinee concert

27th February
Bimhuis Amsterdam

2012-12-20 14:31

15dec @ Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven / Guitar Matrix we had loads of fun, thanks to everyone involved that night for all your help: Jack Pisters, Wiek Hijmans, Marco Burggraf, Jaimie Pisters-van Hek, Martin van den Oetelaar, Meindert Bulsink, MuzyQ staff and all the others. You's rock!

2012-12-15 22:00

upcoming concert in Amsterdam:
guitarmatrix string extrvaganza in collaboration with amsterdam electric guitar heaven festival
saturday 15th of december
Muziekmakerscentrum MuzyQ
Atlantisplein 1
we play around midnight
come come come!



14 december 2012, muzikgebouw aan het ij, Amsterdam:

Raphael Vanoli - solo performance

Ben Frost - Music for 6 Guitars

Morton Feldman - The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar 


Viral Radio aftershow:

Kuedo - live
Gerri - DJ


facebook ticket discount 12,50€

1) join facebook event

2) say at door "facebook ticket discount" 



Tonight we play at Felix Meritis - Paleisje voor Volksvlijt #3: Unfolding Frogs! start 8.30pm.
Keizersgracht 324 Amsterdam.


Today saturday 24th of november we play at the anniversary edition of the  Akouphene Festival in Geneva (CH). To make this trip complete we play concerts in Dornbirn (AT) on sunday the 25th at the Schlachthaus and on monday the 26th at the Mudd Club in Strasbourg (F). looking forward and hope to see you, Raphael & Gerri



nice! concert at International Film Festival Rotterdam confirmed for the 25th of January 2013 together with our friend and glitch visual artist Rosa Menkman.


was da boamb to improvise a set with hilary jeffery at OT301 supporting the Jozef Dumoulin Trio! upcoming shows next week in switzerland and austria - check our agenda.


Our new t-shirts arrived! A new design by our friend Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva. Prrrt!



2012-11-14 21:30

OT301 Amsterdam wednesday nov 14th! some of our favourite musicians play a double bill with us!! :-) The amazing Jozef Dumoulin Trio (with Trevor Dunn and Eric Thielemans)! We'll open with a trio set (with Hilary Jeffery on trombone&electronics!) And: DJ MORSANEK on the decks!

Don't miss that great night!!


Here's a nice foto report of our concert at REWIRE, by Raymond van Mil

Thanks everyone at Rewire, you were great hosts and we enjoyed playing there. What a nice festival !



© Raymond van Mil

2012-10-29 22:30

Cool news!

Manu Delago (the drummer/percussionist/hang player who played with Björk on her Biophilia tour) invited us to play at his festival in LONDON in april the 6th 2013! Very delighted to come back to the UK! The Festival will also feature Graduale Nobile, the icelandic choir who also performed with Björk lately.
And, there is a chance we might play together with both Manu and the choir! We're looking forward to this.

Cheers, Gerri & Raphi

2012-10-16 21:00


last minute up-date:
tomorrow Wednesday 17 October @ OT301 Amsterdam. we play at 9pm so please come early. it is a ADE Festival show-case night presented by Full Spectrum Bookings.
This show will feature one more time the kewl projections of glitch video-artist rosa menkman. watch a live-clip of our gig during sonic connections festival 2012.

full line-up & tickets: click here

facebook event: click here

raphael & gerri


still working on the gallery & musicplayer.

have a listen at bandcamp


Finally, we have a website! It's still a bit drafty, incomplete and work in progress. but big thanks to our lovely all-round supertalent, sound engineer and producer Sandor Caron for building it and Uli Genenger (Liluc) for designing what had to be designed. Many thanks also go to Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva for our new logo and Sarah van Sonsbeeck for the photograph of our set-up.

2012-07-20 23:00

We just finished a recording session of three days with Carlos and Bas from studio de Zwarte Molen and Sandor Caron. Two new songs "Ton I" and "Kadootjes"

Thanks a lot for all the help guys!

some pics here

cheers Raphi & Gerri

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