KNALPOT - effe zitte [official video] KNALPOT - effe zitte [official video], 04:32

From the album Dierendag (Shhpuma / Clean Feed) released October 3rd 2018 Videoconcept, film & edit: Alek Riquelme Download here:

KNALPOT - Indianerwurst (live at Satta X Festival 2017) KNALPOT - Indianerwurst (live at Satta X Festival 2017), 04:24

live at Satta X Festival, Klaipėda, Lithuania, august 2017 Raphael Vanoli: guitar, electronics Gerri Jäger: drums, electronics Sandor Caron: sound engineering Camera: Mira Adoumier

KNALPOT - Professional Grin [official video] KNALPOT - Professional Grin [official video], 04:33

Directed by Daniel Bruce and Tara Gautam. Music by Knalpot (from the album Sauce). Supported by the TAX music video fund. © 2015 Knalpot & Revolver Amsterdam. All rights reserved. download track here (original version):

Knalpot - Professional Grin (dub-version) Knalpot Dub Project - Professional Grin, live at STEIM, 07:39

KNALPOT DUB is a new side project. Watch this dub version of Professional Grin during the try-out concert at STEIM in Amsterdam. Carlos Dalla Fiore (live dubs) & Rosa Menkman: visuals (directed by

Knalpot Premier of new song Kom Terug Mike, march 2012, 08:45

Sonic Connections @ De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam - March 30, 2012 Pictures: FB:

KNALPOT - LA LUNA @AFTER ARCO / JOY ESLAVA 17/02/2012 La Luna live at ARCO Madrid at Joy Eslava Madrid, 2012, 09:27

Producciones y Punto. Knalpot en directo en el After Arco organizado por I´m an Artist en Joy Eslava. Un video de Eli Martín.

Knalpot live @ Worm Rotterdam Knalpot live @ Worm Rotterdam during IFFR 2013, 04:09

Our song Cadeautjes from our forthcoming album! live at WORM Rotterdam during IFFR 2013. Glitch visuals by Rosa Menkman and Alexandra Gorczynski. Filmed by Roman Zotter, sound mixed by Sandor Caron.

test for Xilitla videoscape (music: Sauce by Knalpot, video: Rosa Menkman) music video of song Saus by Rosa Menkman, 02:19

Video: A dirty edit of a screencap of Xilitla, a project Rosa was working on during her Emare residency at Cante, San Luis Potosi (made possible by Impakt).

Knalpot - Prrrt Live at OT301 Amsterdam in March 2012, 06:52

Alek Riquelme: Director / Audio Recording & Mixing Robert Gradisen: Video Editing & Camera Alessandro Pontillo: Camera

KNALPOT - compilation of live video footage of concerts during 2009 & 2010 live compilation of concerts during 2009 & 2010, 04:02

KNALPOT raw mix excerpts from soon to come full-lenght album - compilation of live video footage of concerts during 2009 & 2010, edited by Maria Michailidou.

knalpot - stolpernova new music video of our song Stolpernova by Roman Zotter, 03:25

Footage shot in Korea in 2012. Song from the 'Serious Outtakes' EP

Knalpot @ Mittwochs Exakt Knalpot @ Mittwochs Exakt, 20:05

Knalpot live at chmafu nocords' Mittwochs Exakt, Postgarage, Graz, Austria, 2011 November 30.

Knalpot Dub feat. Carlos Dalla-Fiore & Rosa Menkman, OCCII Amsterdam 17-12-2015 Knalpot Dub Project feat. Carlos Dalla-Fiore & Rosa Menkman, 05:58

A late second set for Knalpot Dub at OCCII, Amsterdam 17 december 2015 Gerri Jäger: drums, casio, electronics Raphael Vanoli: guitar, casio, electronics Sandor Caron: sound and video edit Carlos Dalla Fiore: dub engineer Rosa Menkman: visuals for her favorite boyband Kasper Vogelzang & Ellenoor Bakker : camera

Join the Freedom Force by Martha Colburn music video Casio Halbzeit by Martha Colburn, 04:07

JOIN THE FREEDOM FORCE- 4 min. 16mm copywrite 2009 Set to the groove-heavy, driving chorus of the song Casio Halbzeit by Knalpot, protestors strike-out and are struck-back in a dance of police brutality and wild rally of freedom-seekers. It is a stop-acti

Knalpot - Casio Halbzeit Casio Halbzeit live at OT301 Amsterdam, 2008, 04:23

Casio Halbzeit OT301 20 dec 2008 Filmed by TheVideoMatic Alex Fijlstra & Thijs Molenaar

Knalpot - Indorock Indorock live at OT301 Amsterdam, 2008, 03:19

Indorock OT301 20 dec 2008 Filmed by TheVideoMatic Thijs Molenaar & Alex Fijlstra

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